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For the first time since maybe the 60’s or 70’s, it seems like all walks of life in America are tuned in and are actually out voting. It may be the age of technology that via smartphones and social media, young and old are tuned in. I can and do, have pretty strong debates with my middle schoolers. They are actually quite knowledgeable about the current political issues and which candidates seem to support which issue. For someone like me who loves American Government and Politics it is a very exciting time. I have watched more debates, town halls, and speaking forums this year than all past years combined. This is the same guy who as a kid (10 years old) wrote a letter to President Reagan because I was sad he would not be president any longer. Some of you and it seems like everyone associated with the Republican Party this cycle agrees with that ten year old kid.
I am curious as to what my friends, associates, and followers think and believe. But, most importantly WHY they believe what they do. Of course there are the hot topics: immigration, Cuba, China, ISIS, Iran, Obamacare, racism, Police in the community, the nest Supreme Court Justice and how it may affect certain civil liberties, IPhone cracking, reforming tax codes, and free college. (Forgive me if I did not include your hot topic). You don’t have to wed yourself to one of those topics. Of course you may back a candidate for some reason I have not thought of.
I am requesting educated answers. For example, if you say you choose your candidate because they will keep the embargo with Cuba, explain to me why Cruz (if he is) your guy. Texas is only second behind Louisiana, and just ahead of Tennessee who CURRENTLY trade HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars with Cuba and have for many years. (Not really an embargo for his state). Keeping the embargo only benefits those states because it keeps other states from the market. If you are Trump, tell me how, when, who is doing the work and who is paying for the wall. Surely you don’t think we can raid Mexican banks in a stick-up (if that’s one of your topics). *I did slip a clue in there for how money can be collected. If you candidate will end racism, global warming, bring peace to the Middle East, abolish abortion, make everyone pay the same amount of taxes, and/or build our economy, I’d like to hear their plan and why you support it. And, I would be most gracious if you could explain how and why you think that plan will work.
I named Cruz and Trump. I am not picking on those guys specifically. One that ignites my curiosity are the WHYs (Why you like?, Why you feel?, Why?, Why?, Why?). I’m sure I was annoying as a child and my wife can attest for how many times she finally responds to my line of questioning with, “I don’t know! I just do!” She’s mostly patient with me. The second is debating. I love a healthy debate.
Quite often during debates, town halls, or even during television interviews, I get really frustrated when a candidate is asked a question. It can even be a simple yes or no, yet you get 4.5 minutes of talking and the original question was never answered.
What are your thoughts on Campaign 2016?

Happy Draft Day!!!

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Imperfectly Perfect

It’s Draft Day, people!

This is big!

Especially this year, when so many of our South Carolina Gamecocks are looking so good!

I think we all know who’s going first:

That’s right!  Our very own: Clowney!!

In case you’ve had your head buried under a rock for the last couple years, here’s a reminder of who Clowney is, exactly:

Yep – He’s that guy!

And then, of course, we have Bruce, Kelcy, and Connor who I’m hopeful will go tonight or tomorrow, as well.  They’ve all worked hard, and they’ve given us some awesome football to watch.

Let me tell you – there’s no better place to watch these guys play than at Williams-Brice.  But I’ll happily root…

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Parenting – “Honey, Where’s the Damn Manual?”.

Daily Prompt: A House Divided

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Obviously, vote for my choice 🙂

Imperfectly Perfect

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.). Photographers, artists, poets: show us DIVIDED.

Once again, Eugene and I have had a little debate on a current issue.  And once again, we want you guys to be the judge.

Here’s the issue, in a nutshell.  You can read the entire articles here or here.

A student at Georgia State University started a White Student Union.  Six students have complained about the formation of this club, and the school says that it’s not an official group, as in order to become one, a staff member is needed as an advisor.  The Vice President of Student Affairs says he doubts the group could find one. …

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E's Blog

images (1)

And now to take on a hot button issue. I have only voiced my my opinions on this in private. I want to cause my readers to think about what I want to share. I want you to set aside your preconceived feelings and thoughts and start anew. Lets wipe the board clean and lay out some facts and see where we end up. Lets use LOGIC rather than emotion. Keep in mind – emotions are liars. They convince you to feel things you don’t normally feel.

The topic: The George Zimmerman trial. Before I go further, let me just say I have sat NEXT to defendants in trials. Some on trial for their life. No, I was never a defendant. Whether they felt they were innocent or not, they admittedly were scared as to what the 12 folks in the box thought of the case. I imagine Mr. Zimmerman…

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Besides the holidays, birthdays, first day of school (hahahahah), and the first days of hunting season, there are three more things I look forward to.

1. Gamecock football:

gamecock stadium  images

Every week during the fall, I read every article, every practice report, every list of high school visitors, and do the same for the opposing teams. I plan my meal, snacks and drinks days in advance whether I’m watching it from home or from the stands.

I was there during the 0-11 season and there during back-to-back 11-2 seasons. Its been a long road filled with a lot of heartbreak. I have three favorite opponents. In order, they are 1. University of Tennessee (UTJr.), University of Georgia (Jawja), and Clemson (rock lovers).

2. Florida Gator football:

swamp gator

I have been a fan – long before I was a Gamecock fan. Yes, I know they are rivals. I didn’t plan for that to happen. USC offered the best opportunity for me and the instate tuition was the push. I love, hate  endure when the two play each other, although its a little more fun because the Ms. pulls hard for the Cocks. My three favorite games in order are 1. UTJr., Jawja, and the National Championship game. 🙂

Truth be told, I really love all SEC games. Yes, I’m the guy who chants SEC SEC SEC at every non-conference game.

Yes I dislike both Jawja and UTJr. Couldn;t describe it bettern’ this:

ga bitch

3. National Signing Day

Its the first Wednesday in February and its like a second Christmas. As of late, USC has done really well and Florida usually competes for the top spot in college football. Its neat seeing all these kids signing the dotted line ans realizing their dreams come true. I was fortunate enough to participate in a signing ceremony for a kid I mentored and it was a neat day. I also like the spin off stories and illegal recruiting allegations that always fly around when a kid shows up at Clemson with a new car or as two recruits did, posted pictures of themselves holding wads of cash on their instagram accounts. For all the stories of Clemson recruits partying on Lake Hartwell, I submit this:

Boats and Hos


Thank you, Alicia Benton, for the nomination for this award:

Most of you probably already know the rules to this award, but in case you don’t, here they are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator asks you.

3. Post 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers of your own, with under 200 followers, whom you think are as awesome as you.

5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6. And finally… Display the Liebster Award logo on your page.

So, here goes:

1. Favorite TV show? I don’t have a favorite. I really like Deadliest Catch, Workoholics, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Paranormal Witness, and Gold Rush.

2. Why do you blog? To get crap off my chest and it allows me to share many WTFs with the world.

3. Pinterest: Brilliant or Nightmare? Not sure yet. I just signed up but have not used it.

4. Best place you’ve ever visited? Niagara Falls, Canada.

5. How do you like your potatoes? baked with cheese, sour cream, and crumbled bacon.

6. Favorite chicken nugget dipping sauce? bbq I guess

7. Song with great lyrics, but a terrible beat? Thrift Shop

8. Do aliens exist? No

9. Favorite holiday? New Years

10. Do you sleep wearing socks? No

11. Shower or bath? Shower, but an occasional bath (like 2 a year) with company is nice.

Now, 11 randoms facts about me:

1. I hate cold creamy foods such as potato salad, coleslaw, shrimp salad, etc.

2. I hate mayonnaise. See No. 1.

3. I was Student of the Year at Carolina in 2002.

4. I have been in attendance at the 6 most attended Carolina home football games.

5. I bat left handed and right handed.

6. I love fishing and hunting, and duck hunting specifically is my favorite.

7. I dream of being a shrimp boat captain.

8. Cane Bay Beach, St. X, is my favorite spot to eat, drink, and be Eugene.

9. My favorite fish to eat is Wahoo and yes, I have some in the freezer.

10. I am actually licensed and am an inch away from being a commercially licensed catfish harvester. I have the permits; I just haven’t used them.

11. Poe’s (Sullivan’s Island, SC) Pit and Pendulum burger is my favorite burger.


I’m nominating;

1. Lindy Jordan – “Lindy strolls around” — awesome lyrics

2. Jimmy Benton

3. Lateral

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10. Joe 

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11 Questions for you:

1. Favorite blogger and why?

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3. Reason for blogging?

4. Favorite (non-travel) activity?

5. Favorite food (recipes suggested!)

6. Favorite thing about where you live?

7. If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

8. Favorite book?

9. Favorite music genre?

10. Who inspires you?

11. favorte TV show?




A very controversial topic, one in which I definitely support a particular side, is the topic of social giving also known as government assistance affectionately named welfare.
Millions of people receive government assistance. It comes in many forms. 4.3 million people receive welfare as a form of income. 46 million people receive food stamps and 5.6 million people receive benefits from unemployment insurance (loss of job, disability). The costs of the first group are nearly 131 billion per year. 
Let me be clear before I go any further. I have no issues with helping my fellow citizens. I have no issue with the institution and policy of the general welfare for the common good. 
Some examples of common good are: medical services for pregnant mothers and children, food for the children, and temporary income for needy families. 
I do feel like the current system is consistently abused. There are many many folks receiving funds and other benefits who can and should be earning incomes and supporting themselves and not suckling on the SSI teet. Check out the documentary Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia for for proof. The more I watched the angrier I got. These folks bilked the SS disability system as if they were entitled to it. Many welfare opponents state the current system actually encourages folks NOT to work. In 40 of the 50 states, welfare income pays out at a rate higher than an $8 per hour job. In 9 states it pays out at a higher rate than the salary of the average American teacher. What’s the incentive to work when you stay home all day and watch television and Facebook? To some the incentive is the moral code of not accepting a handout when they can support themselves.
The new controversy: drug testing as a requirement for eligibility. I thoroughly support this. I won’t interject my thoughts on the legalities of certain substances. I will say that at present certain substances are banned and recipients of government assistance should not be utilizing that assistance to support an illegal habit.  
Some say we shouldn’t cut them off because quite often that is the source of support for the kids, have not considered the parent in that situation is already causing the child to suffer. 
For those that say its there to keep crime down only think of it as a babysitting fee. Whether its welfare or a prison, we’ll economically support them. Is it wrong to require some work or service be performed for the receipt of any funds? Think about this. What if there were jobs such as cleaning up a road or park or maintenance of a government building a a requirement for the receipt of any assistance? Seems fair to me. 
Does anyone actually think it good moral code and the “right thing to do” to keep handing out benefits with nothing in return? Nothing here meaning: there is nothing contributed to society, nothing given back, nothing earned, and it’s apparently wrong to require folks to not use the free assistance for illegal activities. 
If we as a society are OK with welfare recipients using the funds and/or benefits for illegal activities then we citizens via our funds via the federal and state governments are co-conspirators. Do you want to be part of any narcotic ring or any situation where drugs or other illegal activities are perpetuated with your money? 
Think about this when this referendum rolls around to your state. 

I woke up next to something this morning that was beautiful and blue. It inspired me to share some beautiful and blue images with you.

So here we go.


Orient Beach, St. Martin (French Side). It is a zoomed out pic because a lot of folks there are naked and this is G rated. I was on a work trip so I never got to experience L’Orient except for the drive-by view (which I couldn’t see much). Inside the Bay area, this water changes color to a very pale turquoise.

Next up: honeymoon lovango Honeymoon Beach on St. John. Its a short hike with a 250 foot downhill “stroll”, but well worth it. Named Honeymoon due to its privacy and it certainly has nothing to do with Lavango Cay across the way. Lovango (pronounced “Love and GO”) Cay is rumored to be named for its brothels many years ago. MMMM dirty pirate sex. As you can see the water changes color due to the change in depth and the color of the sand.

Staying on St. John, we have probably the most photographed beach in all of the Caribbean: TrunkBay

Trunk Bay. This is the one you see on a lot of the post cards. Isn’t it awesome? I have not actually been to this one. I was on the way then stopped into an establishment in Mongoose Junction and my friend (Adam L) convinced me it was a good idea to challenge a Rasta in a firewater drinking contest near Momma Mooies. I believe I won, which means I really lost later on the boat ride back to St. Thomas. Adam will have to fill in the details.

One you guys may have seen is this one: cinnamon bay

It is the gorgeous and sexy Cinnamon Bay. Look at the Blue and check out those curves. Cinnamon Bay has been featured on postcards, posters and even album covers like this one: Old-Blue

Kenny Chesney’s Old Blue Chair. Most of the videos he shoots around the beaches and in his boat Soul Shine are in and around Cinnamon Bay and Gorda Sound. Why was it his favorite, because he lived there in this masterpiece – for a short while anyway:

kenny house

Last I heard it was still for sale at around 8 million. Great view of the Bay.

I have to give one shout out to St. Thomas. You won’t hear me give many, because while St. Thomas is nice, I’m a Crucian which means I think all St. Thomians assume they are better’n us and the 40 miles of sea between us could be 100 for all we care. You guys would have nothing if it were not for your t-shirt shops and cruise ships. You are the Dollywood Daytona Beach Myrtle Beach of the Caribbean. Anyway, here’s Megan’s Bay. It’s beautiful enough to host homes owned by Michael Jordan and Oprah. I think its pretty but the St. Thomas traffic makes it very difficult to enjoy. megans bay stt

Now to some that are very beautiful and very dear to me. First up WEST END! Near Fredericksted you’ll find Sandy Point. If you watch the last 3 minutes of Shawshank Redemption, you’ll see Morgan Freeman walk up to a boat on this beach. (It was supposed to be Mexico). Here is Sandy Point:

Sandy Point

On Sunday Funday, a tradition in St. Croix is to hitchhike on a boat over to Buck Island, anchor out, and party until dark. Its a flotilla of fun. Here’s the beach: Buck

But here is what Buck is known for: buck-island-snorkeling-fish

It is the only underwater national park in the US. The reef is amazing.

I have two more remaining. The first, I have shared previously. It’s my favorite and holds my fondest memories of my time in St. Croix. Cane Bay:

cane bay

There are a lot of pictures on my facebook page (and Alicia’s) of this beach and a pretty girl and some friendly dogs who found there way over to our towels for some snacks and kisses.

Last one: Shoys. Oh Shoys. Where i stay is just up the hill from here. I can see it out of my bedroom window and from the pool deck. Shoys you hold a very fond memory.

It was here Shoys that the “magic” happened.

So, to the pretty blues that inspired me, here’s something to inspire you.

pirate flag

This is one of my most favorite images. I’d love to have that tattoo’d across by back.

Favorite song lyrics, here they are:

Yes I am a pirate, two hundred years too late 
The cannons don’t thunder, there’s nothin’ to plunder 
I’m an over-forty victim of fate 
Arriving too late, arriving too late 

I’ve done a bit of smugglin’, I’ve run my share of grass 
I made enough money to buy Miami, but I pissed it away so fast 
Never meant to last, never meant to last 

And I have been drunk now for over two weeks 
I passed out and I rallied and I sprung a few leaks 
But I got stop wishin’, got to go fishin’ 
Down to rock bottom again 
Just a few friends, just a few friends

See, I often write about St. Croix and my love for the islands. This love affair didn’t start by chance in August of 2003. This love affair began when I was much much younger than 24 years old. I have always wanted a boat and to be able to run up down the water jumping out on islands and exploring. I did this quite often on the Ashepoo River. I have also wanted to eat the catch of the day each night – living one day to the next.

There is just so much to see and do throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean. Piracy may be dead, by nautical nomad-ism will never die. Its a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. I see water and I wonder what its like out there gliding through her waves. I see a boat and I wonder where its headed and where its been and maybe what its hiding in its galley.

I respect and envy all captains. Those that run the freighters in and out of Charleston Harbor, the tugboat captains, shrimp boat captains, the crab fishing guys on tv – all are my heroes. While most seem angry or upset all the time, most if not all have confessed that they get to do what they love. Strangely almost all of them have sailors or fishermen for fathers. I did not. I have no idea where my infatuation began. I just know that I have been a parrot head for as long as I can remember and I dreamed of a salty piece of land before Jimmy wrote about it. I remember flipping over the A Pirate Looks at 40 tape when I was around 10. I’ve always thought a lei was sexy on a woman especially when paired with a nice midriff, a belly button piercing, and a peek-a-boo tattoo. I used to value rum as worth its weight in gold. Barbados makes the best. Sorry Cruicans. And for some odd reason I have passed the piracy gene down. A sure fire way to develop an accomplice is to grow your own!

In 4.5 years I will be a pirate looking at 40. This is not good. I still haven’t purchased   stolen this beauty:


I have nothing to plunder, but I have my eye on a few small islands in the Bahamas. Hello Eleuthera. I have not yet determined what booty I will seek. Gone are the square grouper days. Pillaging other boats gets you a visit from DEVRU (Seal Team 6). Running rum is more efficient thanks to FedEx and light tariffs. Also, it will most certainly not be criminal activity. I’d rather be hanged than spend time in a Puerto Rican prison.