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English: tire identification diagram showing v...

English: tire identification diagram showing various labeling features, English terms. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That quote single handily made my job easier. Now as I’m pouring through the tread options, warranties, speed ratings, ply ratings, and not to mention judging the appearances. They are going on Princess’ baby! NOW I get to imagine that I’m pouring through …oh I don’t know… boobs and trying to pick out the best ones. Hmmm. Alright, alright. Focus.

Back to the job of finding the perfect replacement tires for Alicia’s car. The current tires are the original ones and they have served a very good life.

Here’s the challenge. I have to get at least 50,000 miles out of them. They have to have an excellent speed rating. They have to have lifetime replacement on defects. They have to look good on the car. That have to have traction as it rains here nearly every dang day and Alicia someone likes to hit the gas and feel the horses run. Oh yeah, and I can’t afford the ones from Italy.

On top of all that is this added subject matter stress. See, in a previous life, I actually worked in litigation involving tire defects which ultimately led to deaths. Ironic, that kind of how I met Alicia. We worked on 2 or 3 cases together. So that’s the stress, we both sifted through the thousands of pages of discovery and know all the dirty little tire tricks.

For now, I have it narrowed down to two brands. But that is likely to change. I mean, unless the Michelin man is going to lift the car and tote them safely to each destination, these babies have to be safe, reliable and attractive.

Did anyone catch Sharknado last night? I’m not even sure why this SyFy movie would even register on my radar. I’m not a SyFy fan, per se. I enjoy the Paranormal films, but I have never been a Trekkie, or zombie fan. Here are a few shots from the movie:

sharkado1 sharknado2


I gave it two maybe three minutes. Ok, honestly, I turned it on to catch a glimpse of Tara Reid. Here is a shot of here IN THE MOVIE. Stressed “In the Movie” because, well, Tara is just not what she was 10 years ago and that disappoints me. But hell, neither am I. Tara:





Sticking with the shark theme, I’m not having a great day and the anger sharks are circling in my head. Going to put on my t-shit today. Fair warning – haha.

anger sharks


Hey its not like I’m this guy. This guy is so pissed he’s wielding a cactus! That’s bad ass. “Dude, I’m going to beat your ass with a cactus.” Here is angry cactus man.



Yes, WOOOOSA angry cactus man.

Happy Friday, everyone. Be on the lookout for sharknados and angry cactus wielding protesters.



Not Afraid

Not Afraid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


E- My favorite rapper. The guy can write. He is a lyrical artist who paints a story with each rhyme. This quote describes his life. Now that he is a made man, he is free. He grew up very poor and his life had many limitations. There was no outside world – nothing outside of Detroit, anyway. Now he is a world traveler. Now, he does’t have to beg, borrow or steal to get the things he wants OR more importantly provide for his family. No doubt Haley is quite spoiled now.

This goes beyond money. He is free to come and go as he pleases. There is a thresh hold in wealth management at which point, if one lives within a certain means, he does not have to report to a shitty job for the rest of his life.  That, to me is the epitome of freedom – or the pinnacle of wealth. I can not image not having to worry about work, not playing politics with the boss, having a reasonable schedule or not commuting. (It would be glorious.)

No, I wouldn’t be lazy and sit around and watch whatever is on during the day. There are too many things to see and do out there. There are parks and beaches and services where I could volunteer time. There are classes to take on cooking and art. There are markets that need to be explored, garden that need to be grown, fish that need to caught and animals that need to be hunted. The kids have school events, sporting events, and could also lend a few hours to provide some civic service. Someone has to drive the bus. I find myself living 200 years too late. The life I lust after is somewhat akin to an mercantile aquatic nomad – a pirate. Someone who isn’t bound by rules.

Today I write because, like Eminem felt during his years on the other side of the tracks, I feel trapped and burned out. Stuck in a career now because the money isn’t there in what I would rather be doing. And I sure as hell can’t do all those things I just listed and not be employed.

Here’s to you, Eminem. I celebrate and applaud your freedom to come and go as you please and the ability to say what you want to say.


For Friday fun, I’m going to share something that I’m embarrassed to love. As I type this, I cringe and slink down into my chair and under my desk.

I am. *sigh

Embarrased to say.* shift in chair

That I “love” Taylor Swift.

There. Pure honestly.

She can’t sing very well. Her shows are over-produced and a Liz Rose in Tennessee writes most of her songs. Her dating life reminds me of this guy with the infamous line: “I get older, my women stay the same age.”


Taylor, You’re 23, hun. Maybe you should date guys that are DONE with high school.  She’s 5’10” so that eliminates a lot of guys, so maybe her pool is shallow. She does have 165 million reasons to be choosy.

Her songs make me laugh. I often play MEAAAN while riding in the truck by myself. I sing the song obnoxiously loud. A while back, “We are NEVER NEVER EVER ….” was my wake up alarm. I jumped up and went running screaming to shut it off. (Was COMPLETELY awake then)

I have no idea why, but for some reason I felt the need to share this with my teenage stepson: NICE! Father of the year right there. 🙂 Nice lacy whites Taylor.

Back on track here. I’m embarrassed to say I think Taylor is awesome so long as she’s not sporting the chopped of bang look:

taylor bang

No Taylor.


yes taylor


YES Taylor. yes, yes, yes.

Oh, well the secret is out. Happy Friday everyone.