“Oooooooooooooh the anger sharks are swimming in my head.” ~ Nate, Anger Management

Posted: July 12, 2013 in entertainment, humor
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Did anyone catch Sharknado last night? I’m not even sure why this SyFy movie would even register on my radar. I’m not a SyFy fan, per se. I enjoy the Paranormal films, but I have never been a Trekkie, or zombie fan. Here are a few shots from the movie:

sharkado1 sharknado2


I gave it two maybe three minutes. Ok, honestly, I turned it on to catch a glimpse of Tara Reid. Here is a shot of here IN THE MOVIE. Stressed “In the Movie” because, well, Tara is just not what she was 10 years ago and that disappoints me. But hell, neither am I. Tara:





Sticking with the shark theme, I’m not having a great day and the anger sharks are circling in my head. Going to put on my t-shit today. Fair warning – haha.

anger sharks


Hey its not like I’m this guy. This guy is so pissed he’s wielding a cactus! That’s bad ass. “Dude, I’m going to beat your ass with a cactus.” Here is angry cactus man.



Yes, WOOOOSA angry cactus man.

Happy Friday, everyone. Be on the lookout for sharknados and angry cactus wielding protesters.


  1. aliciabenton says:

    Hmm… Tara Reid last night. That explains a lot… just saying.

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