“I know what I have given you… I do not know what you have received.” ― Antonio Porchia

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


A very controversial topic, one in which I definitely support a particular side, is the topic of social giving also known as government assistance affectionately named welfare.
Millions of people receive government assistance. It comes in many forms. 4.3 million people receive welfare as a form of income. 46 million people receive food stamps and 5.6 million people receive benefits from unemployment insurance (loss of job, disability). The costs of the first group are nearly 131 billion per year. 
Let me be clear before I go any further. I have no issues with helping my fellow citizens. I have no issue with the institution and policy of the general welfare for the common good. 
Some examples of common good are: medical services for pregnant mothers and children, food for the children, and temporary income for needy families. 
I do feel like the current system is consistently abused. There are many many folks receiving funds and other benefits who can and should be earning incomes and supporting themselves and not suckling on the SSI teet. Check out the documentary Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia for for proof. The more I watched the angrier I got. These folks bilked the SS disability system as if they were entitled to it. Many welfare opponents state the current system actually encourages folks NOT to work. In 40 of the 50 states, welfare income pays out at a rate higher than an $8 per hour job. In 9 states it pays out at a higher rate than the salary of the average American teacher. What’s the incentive to work when you stay home all day and watch television and Facebook? To some the incentive is the moral code of not accepting a handout when they can support themselves.
The new controversy: drug testing as a requirement for eligibility. I thoroughly support this. I won’t interject my thoughts on the legalities of certain substances. I will say that at present certain substances are banned and recipients of government assistance should not be utilizing that assistance to support an illegal habit.  
Some say we shouldn’t cut them off because quite often that is the source of support for the kids, have not considered the parent in that situation is already causing the child to suffer. 
For those that say its there to keep crime down only think of it as a babysitting fee. Whether its welfare or a prison, we’ll economically support them. Is it wrong to require some work or service be performed for the receipt of any funds? Think about this. What if there were jobs such as cleaning up a road or park or maintenance of a government building a a requirement for the receipt of any assistance? Seems fair to me. 
Does anyone actually think it good moral code and the “right thing to do” to keep handing out benefits with nothing in return? Nothing here meaning: there is nothing contributed to society, nothing given back, nothing earned, and it’s apparently wrong to require folks to not use the free assistance for illegal activities. 
If we as a society are OK with welfare recipients using the funds and/or benefits for illegal activities then we citizens via our funds via the federal and state governments are co-conspirators. Do you want to be part of any narcotic ring or any situation where drugs or other illegal activities are perpetuated with your money? 
Think about this when this referendum rolls around to your state. 

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