I’m like the girl next door… I just have a bad streak. Jenna Jameson

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Life, travel
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The sexy girl next door is beautiful, HOT!, and has the best cuisine. I’m forbidden to touch her or talk to her, but that doesn’t mean I can’t lust from this place knowing she’s only 90 miles away. It even reminds me just how close she is. Or, rubs it in that she’s so close, yet so far away.


I know I have written about the Virgin Islands and professed my love for St. Croix many many times. I do love St. Croix. She’s my “steady” girl. She’s beautiful, and sweet and gentle. You know, the marrying type. I do hope to marry her in a few years and spend the rest of my life with her.

There is one problem. See this other girl lives a short distance away. And since I became fascinated with her in November of 2000 (I wont say why), I have itched to sample her goodness. Lusting would be describing it mildly. I fantasize about touching her, smelling her, tasting her, and being consumed by her for seven days straight. The problem is, as I said, she is forbidden. Why because she was in a forced marriage to a bad dude who is no longer living with her. Rules and warnings be damned. I. WILL. SEE. HER. The mystery adds to the desire for her. What’s behind those dark sunglasses? What’s under those linens?

Why do I lust so much? Here are a few reasons:

1. She is an amazing chef, offering such things as my favorite sandwich: The Cuban.

cuban sandwich

Cuban Paella. I share the Cubans’ love affair with seafood, rice, beans, and pork!


My favorite desert: Flan (lots of espresso please)


Excellent coffee that is so strong it grabs you by the boo boo 🙂


The BEST cigars in the world!


2. Beautiful people, beaches, rain forests, mountains, plains, and cities. You see “old” buildings. I see an old world Spanish town that refuses to sell out to neon. She stays with light classic cottons and refuses to dress herself in overpriced soon to be outdated lace and rayon.

cuba beach cuba_havana   the-vinales-valley-in-cuba-a-famous-tourist-destination-and-a-major-tobacco-growing-area-1600x1066 0111_cuba21

So my confession is complete. My little saucy senorita sitting out there all alone, but big brother won’t let me slip over to her house 😉 Oh yeah the Carnival is much HOTTER in Cuba.


And my favorite pastime – BASEBALL! Everyone in the world knows the Cubans corner the market on baseball talent.

cuban baseball

On one trip, I’d love to ship over (via Haiti) a big box of baseballs, bats and gloves and just hand them out on the street. So many Cuban players play this way in the streets of Havana.


I could write a whole blog on ways to get over there to see her…but I won’t.

That’s pillow talk and I’d never kiss and tell.


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