Cliffs notes: A young woman, who is Caucasian, applied to the University of Texas in 2008. She was denied admission. It was later discovered that MANY others were admitted with lower test scores, lower GPA’s, and with fewer recommendations, and fewer extracurricular activities.

Consequently, she sued the University over the Affirmative Action policy to admit minorities with the same, or even lower qualifications OVER someone who is not a member of a protected class. Basically, her lawsuit was based upon a reverse discrimination case. The argument is that the best applicant should win no matter what race, religion, etc. The Supreme Court was set to decide the issue today. However, in a chicken(ish) move, the Sup. Ct. decided via 7-1 vote to send the case back down to the lower Courts for additional rulings and findings. (Ruling found here).

This is a tough one for me. If my child had a 3.8 GPA and a 1500 (old score) SAT and was denied admission over ANYONE with a 3.5 and 1400, I would be furious. It has nothing to do with race, religions, ethnicity, etc. Conversely, If my child had a 3.5 and a 1400 and was denied in place of the 3.8 and 1500 student, I’d say, “Well, you got beat. Try again, or pick another school.” I just don’t see denying the clearly qualified student. What I feel should be done is a set standard of all scores above a certain number combined with a GPA above a certain number get in. The school can then admit any number of individuals based upon a quota of protected class members it chooses. But those with scores above them should not be denied. Set a bar for all students. If you are above that bar, you get in. If you are below that bar, you may not. But tell students ahead of time where the bar is located. SET A STANDARD FOR ADMISSIONS. DUH!

This is why I love the spirit of Olympic competition. Its the best in the world head-to-head and the judge is a stopwatch, a bulls eye, or a measuring stick. (No, I do not like subjective scoring events.) If Usain Bolt (Go Jamaica!) wins the 100M, is the stop watch racist? If Micheal Phelps wins the 400M, is the stop watch racist?  No, of course not.

We all know that race relations is a hot button issue in this country. It appears these types of policies throw fuel on the fire. Then when given the opportunity, the Sup. Ct. takes the coward way out of resolving this.

  1. aliciabenton says:

    Sadly, we live in a society where affirmative action is necessary.

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