“We Live. We die. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.” ~Morgan Freeman, The Bucket List

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Life
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This post was inspired by a client who lost his spouse. I have created several of these lists and Alicia and I created 2 bucket lists for “together” activities.  I apologize if this runs long, but you are free to stop reading at any time.

I do want to preface my list by saying this is in no particular order and since most, if not all of these activities, would even be possible when the kids are away, it is not meant to be taken hey have no part of my list. I do specifically imply that all of these would be awesomer if I had my wife with me.

1. wrigley

I have always wanted to catch a summer mid-day game at Wrigley. Summer because the streets are booming with activity and the outfield wall ivy is green. Later, I want to go out for a  steak dinner at Harry Cary’s.  13 oz filet. mmmmm.

2. fenway

Would love to catch an afternoon game at Fenway. Nothing screams baseball like the lights coming on, a $10 hot dog and a $20 beer. :-/ Oh and during the day would be spent walking around Market St. The last time I was in Boston, Alicia took an amazing photo of the sunrise and its reflections turned the buildings and orangish color. Its beautiful. Now I want to see the sunset in Boston.

3. Empire state building

The Empire State Building. It is really amazing. So, on my bucket list is to take Alicia to the deck, and present her with this:

infinity ring

and ask her to renew our vows, while in NYC. This could only happen in the evening, as one cannot appreciate the view without the city lighting up before your eyes. The day would be spent walking up and down Lexington, over to Times Sq., and Rockerfeller Center and having a picnic just inside the corner of Central Park, where Alicia can drool over all the amazing shops on 5th Ave.

4. I want to spend a whole day catching my limit of these:


That’s a Wahoo and my favorite fish to eat. If you haven’t had Wahoo tacos, you haven’t had a fish taco. I love blackened wahoo over rice with mango salsa and sweet peas. Hello to my wonderful friends and amazing chefs at Savant in St. Croix. They shared many secrets with me while sharing a drink in the back courtyard.

5. A second fishing trip would include my limit of these awesome fighters:


Grilled Mahi, Blackened Mahi sandwiches, Mahi steaks, (I’m drooling, I know).

6. elk

Would love to take one of these guys form a ranch in Colorado or Wyoming. I want at least a 6 by 6. I already have my order for the processor: french ribs, filets, Osso Bucco, loins wrapped in bacon, etc.

7. I also want to take one of these but, I want to do it with a knife and not a gun. I have plans for this, too. A large hickory fire and a spit. Our entire family over to eat the next day. MMMmmmm makes me hungry. Hopefully buy then I will have a good recipe for hash.


8. I always wanted to go to this place and hunt ducks. Its the Mecca for duck hunting. Stuttgart, Arkansas. I have seen pictures where the amount of ducks flying in actually blacked out the sun. That’s awesome.

stuttgart duck

9. I would love to travel to Rome and Bologna, Italy. Also, I’d like to take Alicia Paris as French cuisine is her favorite. i imagine a few cooking classes in Italy and France could be arranged.

10. Spear fishing in the Caribbean would be great. Also, diving for bugs (spiny lobsters) then cruising through Gorda sound on the round about way to Jost Van Dyke.  Spend the night hanging out at Foxy’s. 😉 No Firewater rum for this guy.

I know I have many more items, but these were the first that popped in my head today and for some odd reason, I decided to write them down and share. Feel free to share yours, but don’t be disappointed if I steal your ideas and add them to my list.

  1. aliciabenton says:

    Um, yes please. 😉

  2. […] “We Live. We die. And the wheels on the bus go round and round.” ~Morgan Freeman, The Bu… […]

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