“Art is a jealous mistress; and if a man have a genius for painting, poetry, music, architecture or philosophy, he makes a bad husband and an ill provider.” Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Emotions, parenting, relationships
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Almost everyone has a hobby or interest that they love doing. It can be fishing, hunting, reading, facebooking, tweeting, playing video games, candy crush, playing a sport, following a team, or even following their favorite television program. You cant wait for the next opportunity to participate in whatever it is you like doing. It pulls at you like a jealous mistress. The mistress that lurks when you are home with your family.

Bonne Esperance, Saint Croix, United States Vi...

Bonne Esperance, Saint Croix, United States Virgin Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My jealous mistress is a 27 by 6 mile wide island known as St. Croix. I miss her and everything about her. She’s beautiful. She’s smells wonderful and she warms my heart. Upon arrival, I embrace her with a deep breath, a stretch of my arms and a calm warm smile that flows from the heart to my mouth. I shut my eyes for a second and take it all in. Ah! Here at last. I begin greeting everyone I recognize which is usually a lot of people. Quite often Dave or Wally is there to pick me up. More smiles as I embrace brothers whom I have been close to for many years.

There I am happy. I stare out the window as we drive into Christiansted. I like to watch the changing landscape and view all the roadside vendors. And I stare at the water. That blue is hypnotizing. I once told Alicia her blue eyes could stare into my soul. Its the same effect here.

It wouldn’t be a mistress if it didn’t compete for my love. See, my kids and family are here – stateside. To be there, I had to be without them. To be with them, I couldn’t be there. I believe it became obvious to Alicia when she kept catching me just staring out the window. I remembered a quote from Herb Louthian that said,  “The law was a jealous mistress.” (He’s a lawyer.) It hit me. I was infatuated and I lusted after something else. I have been back and forth I estimate 50 times since August 2003. I have been there as short as 2 days and as long as 3 months.

In September 2009, I took Alicia for 9 days. Me, Alicia, and the mistress. Its the closest I ever want to come to a threesome. I was nervous and scared. What is she hated it? My goal was to live there once the kids were in college. Little did I know she would end up falling in love with her, too. In fact, if you ever read her blogs, you’ll see that she posts more about St. Croix than I do. I actually saw her cry when she had to tell her goodbye and board the plane.

She made a lot of friends during that trip. We were invited to live with complete strangers in little apartments above their shops in Fredericksted. We’re odd for saying it to most Cruicians, but we love the West End and Fredericksted. Cane Bay, which is my favorite beach is located nearby. The most amazing drive is Cane bay to Fredericksted via the rain forest. Stopping of course to see Momma, having a shot of MommaWanna, and sharing a beer with her pigs.

Sunday Fundays are spent on the Chinese Cookie anchored out at Buck Island. Saturday is the party bus which hits so many local beach bars you forget how many you have visited, where your flip flops are, you “real” name, and of course your shirt.

English: Buck Island, St. Croix, USVI Slovenči...

English: Buck Island, St. Croix, USVI Slovenčina: Buck Island, St. Croix, Americké Panenské ostrovy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many places I love to eat that i fear naming any would leave some off. My top four are 1. David J’s deck (haha so I can stumble to my room), 2. Savant, 3. Bachus, and 4. Kendricks.

So see my mistress, is beautiful, can cook, has awesome curves, is fun to play with, encourages me to bring along my wife, and offers things that cannot be found anywhere else.

One thing I have failed to mention adequately. St. Croix is home to some of the nicest people in the world. EVERYONE speaks. You announce “Hello” when you enter a room in St. Croix and everyone responds. Everyone gives from the heart. All of those lives form the Bob Marley songs are true. Its a one love community. In St. Croix you can find someone worth hundreds of millions of dollars, sitting next to someone who is homeless and sharing a beer and a laugh.

cane baycane bay sign

I leave you with Cane Bay Beach. The sun set behind those mountains in the distance. It resembles the fire that that burns in my heart that one day, we’ll be living just on the other side of that hill.

  1. aliciabenton says:

    Great post. This is your best one yet. And I am dying to go back.

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