It is Better to Give than to Receive

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Emotions, relationships
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Montana to Rice: As a kid this was my favorite play. I used to throw the football to myself and run and catch it over my shoulder pretending I was Jerry Rice scoring the long pass for the TD. Unfortunately my height prohibited me from reaching that dream. There are no wide receivers in the NFL as vertically challenged as me. I think that was the only dream I ever had of being a receiver. Joe Montana and Steve Young were the givers most of Jerry Rice’s 197 touchdown receptions. Great to be on the receiving end when yo had those guys tossing you the ball.


Many of us are givers. I’m a giver. My love languages are service and words of affirmation. I get great pleasure from giving and seeing the joy on others’ faces. Far more than I get from receiving an awesome gift or service. I like to feel as though I served a purpose or did some good deed.
I keep using the word “I” so it would appear. Giving is not about me in the since I need something from you as a receipt a gift or service from me. My receipt is affirmation FROM ME. I have to look myself in the mirror each day and decide whether I have given something each day or helped someone or if I have taken all day off and leeched off someone. The thought of the latter makes me ill.

It was suggested to me that my desire to give might be based on male ego. “The man provides.” It may be, but I see nothing wrong with that. So what if I like to give as sense of self purpose. My “reward” in that scenario is internal. Is there something really wrong with that? If anyone thinks so, please share. If I give you a $100 or wash your car and my return on my investment means I feel better about myself, is that wrong? The receiver received something of value, too, with nothing given in exchange. I just don’t see that there is anything wrong about who I am in that regard. If the giver (in this instance – me) never says you owe me or keeps accounting of the gift or service, isn’t that acceptable?

Is it ever good to be a taker? We can argue all day long about takers. Those that take every handout from friends, family or the Government and provide nothing in return. It seems as most agree we wouldn’t want to be that type of person. But there are plenty of those. I’m not one of those folks, but I’d probably give to this type of people, too.

For better or worse, I’m just a giver. I like making people happy and I like being happy with myself.

  1. You must have read “5 Love Languages” 😉 Really good book. Makes sense. 🙂 I’m a giver too. Love that your wife knows how to spoil her man. People forget that! 🙂

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