1. “I want to do _________X______ thing, but I’m just not in the mood to do it.” How can you want to do it and not be in the mood to do it? This one is actually cute to me because its like a little riddle in girlspeak. I have been searching my brain for a parallel situation in which I can make sense of this. The closest I can come to it is “I want to go to the gym and work out (end goal to be in shape), but I’m not in the mood go to the gym today.” Is that an ambition/motivation thing and/or a lack of energy and resources? If applied to the gym example (and Lord knows I’m not even positive that is an accurate parallel – which, if not, would screw this all up), You’d WANT to go to the gym for better health, looks, etc., but not be motivated enough to go because you’ve had a long week and are tired.  I can tell I’m going to spend all day figuring out this puzzle only to find the issue moot in a few hours. Love it.

2. How do you “rewire” the brain? So Alicia and I learned we are inherently wired the same way when it comes to something, BUT we learned that the way we are is the WRONG way to be. How do you rewire? Its not as simple as opening a box and changing a fuse. Its not a simple as saying,”I wont think this way any longer.” Imagine telling a doctor who has been practicing medicine for 14 years that he can no longer think as a scientist. Poor guy had an aptitude for science and obviously an interest at some point prior to residency.  I’m lost on this one. I fear rewiring the brain will prove to be a difficult challenge.  First task: figure out what rewiring even means and how one goes about doing it.

3. Why no one says “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes!” You always hear that the grass “isn’t always greener on the other side.” This “caution” is seems to direct people to not take a chances. Did anyone tell Neil Armstrong just before takeoff, the grass isn’t greener on the moon?(please don’t Google grass and moon).  This cautionary tale only inspires fear of the consequences of taking a certain action and inhibits risk taking.


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