How We Talk About Our Partner Matters

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

Daily Relationship


When talking about your partner to other people, do you ever notice that you speak critically about him/her? How can we talk about our partner to others in a way that is authentic to our personal experience (e.g. expressing our feelings), while also truly valuing him/her?

This morning I revealed to Brendan some ways that I had been speaking about him to other people. During and after the reveal I immediately felt closer to Brendan (a sign that revealing is ALWAYS a good thing). My revealing sparked an exploration for us… How can we consciously speak about each other to other people?

In our relationship we celebrate authentic expression (e.g. “Grrrrr! I feel angry right now.”). There is a big difference between criticizing and gossiping about each other to others versus owning “I am having some feelings about my partner that I would like to share…. Hmmmm… I wonder…

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