Contradictory message

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As I sit here and blog about something that irritates the shit out of me, I note that I am doing so via social media.

Cellphones, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, laptops: These things are all great things to own. They serve many purposes in business and often times “run” our personal lives by keeping us organized with neat little reminders and the ability to sync multiple calendars with lists, and services available at the touch.

My frustration and aggravation is the CONSTANT use of these things. For example, I was at lunch last week and a couple sat at a table next to me. During the 40-50 minutes they took to eat, they had one of these devices in hand and all but 1-2 minutes. I don’t believe they said one word to each other the entire time. You see folks at sporting events with device in hand. You see them at weddings, funerals, and even church with, you guessed it, device in hand. Updating facebook, twitter, texting, emailing, or searching the days’ sports’ scores.

The irony is this social networking lifestyle is anything but. You hard sharing information and ideas with like minded individuals who share something in common. The network may be based up on is some conglomeration of the folks you know based upon where you went to school, a sports team, a member of your family, your friends, or the parents of your children’s friends. Whoever they are, we have chosen to let everyone in our lives under the mask of social networking and communication. Someone you went to high school with 15 years ago and you have never spoken to since graduation (and may have not even spoken to during high school), is now your “friend.” You share you life’s challenges, your drama, and everything associated with your life with thousands of people whom you would probably not even speak to on the street. Why is that? Quite often these “friends” get more of your attention than those who could really use it.

The web based network provides a shield. Think of the e-bully. He’s probably 5 feet tall with pimples and is attacking folks on the internet with the bravado of being a 6’5″ defensive tackle. he can do that because he’s not really there. meaning, he’s hiding behind the idea that you’ll never see him and expose him for who he really is. (yes I know, I’m on a tangent)

My real point, put down the damn devices. No spouse/significant other/date enjoys sitting next to you as you wear down the batteries on your smart phone while paying them little to no attention. Your kids could probably use a share of that attention you are giving to Facebook “friends” and tweets. Chances are if you are using them that much, someone somewhere in your life is lacking.

I remember a while back, I got one of the first blackberries. At the time I was dating a lovely lady who is now the wifey. Simultaneously, I was a part of two major undertakings and had folks around the country (in several time zones) emailing me at all times of the day and night. It was very frustrating for her that for some stupid reason I felt the need to read and respond 20 hours a day. Honestly, 90% of it could have waited until business hours, but I felt important.

What is really important is the folks that you may be shunning while updating your status for those who really have no impact on your life.


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